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We ship our raw juices via FedEx and UPS.

After you order your juice online, you will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your order is processed for delivery. We ship orders Monday - Friday and all orders will be delivered by the end of the day Friday. We do not schedule deliveries for Sunday or Monday. If you order with a method of shipping that will not guarantee delivery by Friday then your order will be held for shipment until the following Monday.

We ship your cold-pressed juices frozen.

Freezing is the best and most convenient way to preserve the nutrition and flavors of raw juices and smoothies. We freeze each bottle within minutes and ship your order frozen so you can have raw juices and smoothies delivered to your door without feeling rushed to consume them before they go bad. When your order arrives, you can either start consuming the bottles immediately or store them in your freezer and pull them out as you need them.

You do not need to be home to receive your order.

Each package is shipped in an insulated box and will withstand sitting until you return home. Due to the perishable nature of our products, we ask that you open the package immediately upon arrival and to place the contents in your freezer or refrigerator. If you are ordering as a gift, do not worry - all of our packages are marked "keep frozen" and "perishable". In addition, each package contains a print out with instructions for proper handling.


Most frequent questions and answers

Because we don’t use any preservatives or heating techniques (pasteurization, gentle pasteurization, or high-pressure processing {HPP}) the shelf life is roughly 3 days if kept in the refrigerator. Occasionally, they will last longer, but we can accurately say that all of our raw cold-pressed juices will be fresh for 3 days.

No, the juices and smoothies need to be kept frozen until you are ready to consume, and once thawed need to be kept refrigerated. It is best to thaw the bottles in the refrigerator; however, you have a couple different options:

  • Thaw in the refrigerator
  • Thaw a day’s worth of cleanse at room temp (takes a few hours) and then refrigerate while there is still a little ice in each bottle.
  • Thaw at your desk and drink as it melts
  • Thaw at your desk and drink once it is fully thawed but still cold

Once thawed (and kept refrigerated) our juices and smoothies must be consumed within 3 days.

Our juices taste best when consumed very cold.

We do not recommend refreezing any juice that has been thawed. We recommend only thawing out one day of juices at a time.

Since our juices are shipped frozen there is no rush to drink them. If you do not plan on starting the juice cleanse as soon as you receive your shipment the bottles should be stored in the freezer. You can keep them frozen for up to 6 months. Once the juices are thawed in the refrigerator, they should be consumed within 3 days.

Ideally the juices should be thawed out one cleanse day at a time. This will ensure that you are able to drink all of the juices you’ve thawed. We do not recommend re-freezing extra juices that you are unable to consume.

Thawing times are approximately:

  • 2-3 hours on counter at room temperature close to a fan
  • 5 hours on the counter at room temperature with no fan
  • 24 + hours in the refrigerator

When thawing multiple bottles, separating them as much as possible so each side gets air will speed up the thaw time.

If kept in the freezer, our juices will last up to 6 months. Once they are completely thawed, they will last in the refrigerator for 48 hours. They should be consumed very cold

Your juices are still perfectly good as long as there is mostly ice in the bottle. If there is ice in the bottle then your juice is still at 32-35 degrees and is safe to be consumed. You can stick them back in the freezer if you are not ready to cleanse or you can put them in the refrigerator to start consuming immediately. It is up to you!

If your juices were completely thawed do not drink them and contact us immediately at

Whether to freeze or refrigerate really depends on how fast you think you will be drinking the juice. If you plan on drinking within 2 days of thawing, refrigeration is a good option. If, on the other hand, you think you won’t be able to drink the juice within 2 days of thawing then by all means freezing is a better option.

We don’t mark our bottles with the date the juices were made because the juices are flash frozen immediately after they are made, preserving the same nutritional value and taste as if you were drinking them fresh. We do not keep a large stock of inventory, so the juices are not sitting in our freezer for very long before they are shipped to you.

Any raw juices are great to rehydrate you in general or as a post workout recovery drink. The green juice has more protein than others, but any of our juices will replenish your electrolytes after a workout.

No, all fruits are acceptable. Bananas or avocados are good fruits if you are experiencing above average hunger levels because they fill you up longer than most other fruits.

Yes, you can have a salad. In fact, if it means the difference between you being able to finish your cleanse or quit because you want to eat something eat a salad every day. We also recommend making your own dressing.

How often you drink the juices really depends on when you get hungry. There is no right time to drink them, just listen to your body. There is also no right time to be done drinking them. Ideally, we should not eat anything for 3 hours before bedtime, however, these juices digest very fast so even if you were to drink them an hour before bed you would be fine.

If you are a regular coffee or tea drinker or you think you are addicted to caffeine, we suggest you continue drinking coffee or tea (without any milk, cream, sugar, or sugar substitutes) so you do not go through caffeine withdrawal during the cleanse.

If you are addicted to caffeine a safe way to transition to decaf would be to mix your regular coffee with decaf increasing the amount of decaf by 25% each week until you are drinking 100% decaf.

If you stop drinking coffee or tea during your cleanse and experience headaches it may be because of caffeine withdrawal. If this happens, try drinking a little bit of black coffee to relieve the headache.