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EYEAMWHOLE COMBINES ALL THREE FACETS OF HEALTH TOGETHER AND BRINGS IT TO YOUR DOORSTEP.  We provide a professional staff of physical trainers, holistic nutritionist, behavior specialist, financial literacy coaches, child care and development, spiritual counsel and a fantastic administrative team. We are able to meet the needs of our community on an individual, family, and corporate level. We provide a family atmosphere that brings a wealth of knowledge and a network of professionals. Our goal is and has always been to educate our clients how to live an affordable, time efficient, balanced life holistically while living in today’s society.


We offer a multitude of services and consultation when it comes to your health. In fact, we are an ISO 9001: 2015 Expert Rating company with a Healthy Nutrition through Juices Certification that demonstrates our high-quality services and processes implemented throughout our business. Additionally, we are subject matter experts in holistic nutrition.


Our team brings experts with B.A.’s in Physical Education, former professional boxers and personal trainers. Allowing us to provide a fitness program with a driven focus on balance, strength, and endurance training based mostly on total body weight.


EyeAmWhole’s Wellness Program is comprised of an educational mental and physical plan by combining the essential element, nutritional health. We believe Nutritional Health helps us achieve our physical goals, and it enhances us with our mental clarity. EyeAmWhole provides a comprehensive and unique dietary plan that will directly lead to an improved mental and physical state of being. We teach this program to unions, schools, corporate and community organizations.